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The Katy & Houston Hair Stylist - Blue Lion Salon
9107 FM 723 Richmond, TX 77406
Room 103
Master Stylist
Tara Stevens Dickinson at 3101 Richmond Ave.  / Salons in Houtson TX / Salon Houston TX / Master Hair Stylist Houston TX

Blue Lion Salon Katy TX / Hair Salons Katy TX / Tara Stevens Dickinson Katy TX / Hair Salon Katy TX

All natural hair products available


Well about me....

I've been a stylist for 15 years and love what I do.  Some of the top stylist in the world have trained me and worked with me side by side in New York & Los Angeles.  My core training consists of Schwarzkopf, Bumble & Bumble, and Paul Mitchell.  Every year I further my training to keep up with current styles and techniques.  As a stylist my job is to work with each individual client to find the right hair style for their personal and professional life. The end result is a very long lasting and upstanding relationship.  I am very blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in my clients every day life. 

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